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Moovel – Multimodal Urban Scenario

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In 2018, we were commissioned by moovel GmbH to visualize a future scenario. This vision should depict the benefits of digital mobility applications in combination with innovative mobility services. The human citizen of the city of tomorrow is the focus of the image. The illustration tells little narratives concerning various traffic concepts, such as Ride sharing, e-bikes as part of a multimodal traffic concept, public transport of tomorrow and future logistics developments as parcel delivery by drone. Autonomous and electrically powered vehicles naturally interact with their surroundings. Digital devices communicate with their users in an intuitive way via holographic interfaces. Last but not least a mobility hub ties the various mobility concepts together.

Attention to details was required for this visualisation. As usual we developed several nonexistant brands including logos and brand names. To establish the various narratives we shot the various scenes photographically and integrated them later into the overall visual.

As a follow-up project we were asked to produce an animated version for an exhibition presentation. We thank all participants in this project for the great cooperation!


Moovel - Multimodal Urban Scenario


Client: Moovel Group GmbH
Production: xoio GmbH


Juni 2018


Concept, Production, Postproduction