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Mars Colony – Alpha Site

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When man landed on the moon in 1969 the world was thrilled about mankind conquering space and other planets. But during the next decades our plans to colonize space were slowed again – there were many obstacles yet to overcome until mankind could conquer new frontiers. Almost 50 years later new corporations have entered the competition: Virgin Galactic start to offer trips into space and SpaceX – run by Elon Musk – declared that it intends to send people to Mars in order to colonize the red planet: Mars Colony “Alpha Site”

We decided to pay the red planet a visit ourselves, at least virtually.

Looking at the “broad picture” shows, that there are so many different tasks that will wait for the settlers after making camp on the new planet: Research facilities will be erected to learn more of the structure of the new planet. At the same time the establishment of a sustainable system will be paramount to minimize dependency from earth deliveries. Growing plants, refining trinkable water and recycling waste will certainly be among these challenges. Still the connection to our home planet will be vital and require a well functioning spaceport located in the safe distance from the colony.

The first Mars Colony will be composed of different nationalities that all contribute to this endeavour. People are truly required to join hands and leave all boundaries behind that separated them on earth. Therefor we put the “one planet plaza” at the heart of our new settlement symbolizing the unified strive for peace on the new frontier.

We hope that our vision can evoke some of the excitement that this endeavour will bring.


Mars Colony - Site One


xoio GmbH – Concept and Production


December 2017