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Futurevision Agricultural-Urban Cities

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Futurevision Agricultural-Urban Cities

The increasing spatial competition between cities and farmlands combined with increasing logistical problems forces us to rethink current agricultural and urban planning concepts. The university of Augsburg in collaboration with collaboration partners developed a photo-bioreactor which could be used on fassades. So far vertical farming concepts could online be realised with massive effort. Alternatively the combination of algae and bioreactors could offer a viable solution.

The project team around “Next Generation Biofilm” contracted us to create this panorama image showing a wide vista of a agro-urban cityscape. On the righthand we see a modern building with a bioreactor fassade being currently refuelled by an autonomous service vehicle. On the opposite a lush green urban area opens up showcasing multiple agricultural applications, seamlessly integrating into the urban fabric.

We fullheartedly thank our client for this great cooperation and the opportunity to gain some insights into this fascinating future research.

The whole subject has been discussed in an extensive article in the german architectural newspaper Detail Online.


Futurevision Agricultural-Urban Cities


CGI / Postproduction: xoio GmbH
Client: University of Augsburg


November 2018


Concept, Production, Postproduction