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Daimler Logistics – Scenario 2035

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In 2015 we had the pleasure to collaborate with the Daimler Logistics department of Future Research. Their task is to gather future trends of various fields, that might possibly influence transportation and logistics developments. This research then is base of the work of the engineers and designers for the next developments and concepts. We are proud that we are able to take part in this process by visualising the research work. We developed our own process and illustration style resulting in large format images which are packed with little stories.

The commision depicts chronologically the separate stages of logistics. Motive ” USA ” shows longdistance truck logistics. A special focus was laid on automatic driving turning cockpits of trucks into mixed use offices for additional tasks when manual steering becomes redundant. This enables trucks to drive in tight platoons  to minimize fuel consumption.

The second motive “Shanghai” in the series is showing a central hub in the outer region of an asian metropolis. It is a fully automatised logistics megacenter which fragments goods into smaller units and transfers them onto smaller carriers commuting to the inner city. The hub is fully
automated and restricted for humans.

The third image “Paris” shows an european inner city characterised by an abundancy of historic architecture. The integration of existing urban structures are always crucial for the believability of our scenarios. Therefor this image depicts various little narratives how automatic logistic devices integrate into our cities as we know them today.

To achieve the informational density these illustrations were subject to intense collaboration with our client and evolved over several weeks until a rich experience was realised. We would like to thank Daimler for the inspiring cooperation.


Daimler Future World


Kunde: Daimler AG
Collaboration and Consultation: Daimler Future Innovations
Produktion und Bildgestaltung: xoio GmbH




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