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Daimler – Stuttgart Scenario 2035

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In 2016 we had the pleasure again to do this detailed illustration of Stuttgart 2035. Stuttgart is an automotive town in many regards and will still be in future years. Daimler itself calls Stuttgart its hometown and contributes to the automotive history. The geographic situation in Stuttgart is unique in transportation concerns. The city has grown in a 270° bassin making access increasingly difficult. In fact local transportation issues have gained substantial political dimensions. We were commissioned to take the chance and establish a scenario filled with ideas that could incite discussion how to create a attractive mobile future for the city.

Again we valued the close collaboration with the Future Innovators at Daimler.

The future scenario was in 2017 enhanced to a 360° experience which was featured on the IAA, the biggest german carshow in Frankfurt. Additionally it is now part of the exhibition space in the Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart.


Daimler - Future Scenario Stuttgart


Daimler AG – Client, Research
Daimler Future Innovations – Collaboration and Consultation
xoio GmbH – Image Concept and Production


2015 - 2017


Concept, Composition, VR

Additional Info

The project was also converted into a VR-Experience (21017)